Irina can do it all. The Russian TV personality and former playmate is beautiful, funny, ballsy and - after securing a recurring slot on Lopez Tonight - she's really beginning to make a name for herself in her hometown of Los Angeles.

You might also recognise her from big-screen spoofs Balls of Fury or Epic Movie. But, as a trained actress who speaks Italian, German as well as her native Russian, the ambitious starlet is hoping her Hollywood dream has only just begun...

How does a girl from a small town in Russia end up in Hollywood?
I just never really felt at home in Russia. I lived all over Europe before I landed in the U.S - which was completely different to the culture in Europe. But I seem to have adapted really well.

To what do you attribute your success?
I put in a lot of hard work. I experienced a whole lot of rejection, you know, 'you're not tall enough', 'you're not good enough', but I just couldn't take 'no' for an answer. I'm persistent and hard headed.

You've been dubbed the 'Queen of Giggles'. Do you like that?
I love it actually. I like the fact that I'm not afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to comedy. There's aren't enough people that are prepared to do that in Hollywood.

We agree! You're going to be on George Lopez's new show soon - how did that come about? What will you be doing?
It's a variety show called Lopez Tonight and I'm gonna be his hidden camera reporter. It's going to be great, really funny. It airs on November 9 so don't miss it!

Did you know George Lopez before you agreed to appear on his show?
Oh I love him! We've worked together before on Balls of Fury. He's really funny.

Do you think you and George share similar outlooks on life given that you both have roots outside of the U.S?
Erm...I've never really discussed it with him, but I do think that everyone is classed as a foreigner in L.A. People come from all over the world to work here, so we're all in the same boat. It's strange because I really feel at home here. In Europe I always felt like I was a foreigner.

You've been a Playmate of the month. Very nice shoot by the way. Are you proud of your shoots for Playboy?
Of course. When I lived in Russia, I became a little celebrity when the pictures came out. In Europe these sort of shoots are quite normal, they're not frowned upon as they can be in the U.S. That's why I don't always mention them when I go to castings in Hollywood. It's not always well received! But I'm proud of them and so is my Mum, she loved them.

Have you met Hef?
Of course. Every playmate meets Hef. He's a very sweet gentleman, respectful and very intelligent. I've met all the girls as well and I know Holly (Madison - Hugh Hefner's former No. 1 girlfriend) quite well. We still talk on the odd occasion. She is so nice.

Have you met Hef's new girlfriends?
No not yet. I don't know if the mansion and the programme [Girls of the Playboy Mansion] will be the same without Holly, Bridget and Kendra, but I'm sure the girls are lovely.

Right... So you were the St. Pauli Beer Girl?
Yeah. I was in 2008, but once you've been a St Pauli Beer Girl you're always known for it.

Do you like beer?
I like beer. I'm not a person to take to six packs, but I'll drink it when I'm chilling out. I can't drink Vodka or shots any more. It's too much.

FHM's key mantra is funny, sexy, useful. You're funny. You're sexy - How are you useful?
Ok, I'm gonna give you a quote. 'Beauty is a form of genius that needs no explanation.' I'm no Angelina jolie, but I aspire to do what she has done for charities all over the world. She uses her looks and status to make a difference. That's what I think I can do.

You're quite the prolific 'tweeter'...
Yes. It's great because I can talk to my fans all the time without being harassed by people. I can keep them posted on what's going on with me, including my picture of the day. People seem to react pretty positively to that!

We bet. And finally... Who would play you in a film about your life?
Me! When I'm ready to make a film about my life, I'd better be in that lead role. I'd settle for nothing else.

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Photography by Sarah Lyons

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