Irina Shayk is a stunning model from Russia and Cristiano Ronaldo is a smug little man from Portugal. Well technically he is not little - at 6'1 but if he stays as a little picture on our computer, then technically he is little. That is a fact. You can't argue with facts, they will kick you.

Anyway, the lovely Irina Shayk has been spotted on a dinghy or something with Ronaldo, being spritzed with water and being generally phenomenal. Not hard for her considering she is a bikini model and won a beauty pageant in 2004. 

Not only does Irina Shayk have an amazing body but a lovely pouty-pouting face too. The picture below is either a perfect encapsualtion of Irina's smoldering sexiness or a slighty bedazzled woman, struggling to see through photographers' flashes. Either way works for us!