Leggy Ronaldo-dating Russian model Irina Shayk is in pretty good shape. If we were at Romford dogs watching the specimens perambulate the paddock in an attempt to see who looks in good shape, we’d whack at least a tenner on Irina Shayk in the next race.

Irina Shayk is not a greyhound, of course, so that notion is highly unlikely to ever reach fruition.

Rather, she’s a model. And a pretty good one, at that. Good enough to be the cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, in fact. That’s basically the modelling equivalent of captaining England. Except, Irina Shayk didn’t sleep with the other models’ husbands and have the captaincy rescinded. If that had happened, we’d have covered it here. At length.

Even inanimate curtain rippled with lust

In these latest lovely pictures, Irina Shayk was launching some clothing range or another. We’re unlikely to ever buy any skintight leggings and neither are you, so let’s move on.

Irina Shayk was in the music video for Kanye West’s Power. She’s the hot girl draped in not much, sitting unerringly still in front of Kanye for the duration of the video. Ok, ok, HERE:

That video came from the popular video sharing site and hotbed of hatred, YouTube. It has been viewed just shy of 20 million times. As ever, watching a video on YouTube has caused us to despair for the future of mankind.

While most of us watch this video and think, “Hmm, yeah, that was alright. Not a lot of movement but I guess that’s probably the point. Something about the Illuminati bla bla bla…” Some people think, “I really hate other people” and proceed to abuse them in the comments section.

Take this snippet of a discourse between ‘nashfire56’ and ‘p4t4r2’, for instance:

“kid, how old are you?”

“lol im 13”

“bitch ill fuck you up.”

“*beginning of comment removed by us due to flagrant racism* now thier 3 possible ways you've got your amazing intelligence from.. 1 you live in a trailer park . 2 you worship hitler. 3 you got a degree off a cereal box. and please dont act hard on youtube its the internet not reality .”

Please don’t let it be reality please don’t let it be reality please don’t let it be reality.

How can there be so much hate in a world containing these legs?