Dita Von Teese isn't the usual sort of lady you would see gracing our girl news section. But should she be? She can look very sexy and attractive whilst performing, then at others, well at others she makes us feel a little bit scared.

The case for:

Dita can be very eye catching at times, like a big sexy chicken. She is very voluptious and the whole burlesque thing is pretty much almost stripping so that's cool too. Additionally, if you think about it, every time she is in the news she is dressed quite raunchily, because that's what she does. Where as with other female celebrities might just be walking around shopping for cardigans, which whilst very important and probably entertaining for them, doesn't quite constitute a perving podium on FHM.com.

The case against:

Look at her face, she is so pale, it's kind of scary. Why not just wash of the make up and sit in the sun Dita? And don't get us started on her waist, it's so tiny, and it always gets tinier when she pulls her corsets so tight. This may be sexy to some people but sometimes it makes us feel a bit queazy, like when you touch polystyrene or tread on a slug. And finally she went out with Marilyn Manson, who is quite odd too, which means she must have to be odd to put up with his oddness. Right?

The verdict: Erm... you decide.