Slow news day today, DUDES. But that’s fine, because it encourages us to get creative to avoid writing about Bar Refaeli being on a boat. That’s right! A real boat. With other people and everything. One of them was Leonardo di Caprio, Refaeli’s boyfriend and star of the film Blood Diamonds. Interestingly, another one of them was Naomi Campbell, a very tall individual who gave a controversial testimony about blood diamonds in the war crimes trial of the former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor. Like we said: SLOW NEWS DAY.

Step up our friends at COED, a website savvy enough to know the only way to encourage shards of sunlight to pierce the black cloud of boredom that smothers all of our lives sometimes is a selection of living, breathing, moving GIFs highlighting American person Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ample cleavage. So here we go then:






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