According to Professor Robert Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, the maximum number of friendships that the human mind is capable of handling is 150.

According to FHM’s Stuart Hood’s Facebook page, he is chums with 294 men and (mainly) women. Which, for the remedial among us, is 144 more people than Dunbar claims is possible. So is Dunbar just another lunatic professor with another crackpot theory, or is Hood a charlatan who claims to know more people than he actually does?

We’re going to go for the latter. Why? Because we work with Stu, so we’re acutely aware of the fantasy world he inhabits. Plus even the briefest peruse of his ‘friend list’ flags up some less-than-bosom buddies. Take, Katie here. A truly delectable young model who, according to The Facebook, Stu is friends with. He is, if ‘friends’ means ‘met once and now checks her profile for new shots on a weekly basis’. It doesn’t. Which, rather nicely, brings us to the point of this piece.

That, to celebrate the era of the ‘poke but don’t touch’ virtual acquaintance, FHM is launching a great new girl feature.

Yes, the magazine that brought you High Street Honeys, Lower League Lovelies, Haircut 100 and numerous other less successful fox hunts we conveniently can’t remember the names of needs your help again. And this time we need you to trawl through your friendship lists, find the girls you’d love to see more of and nominate them to star in their very own FHM photoshoot.

What? A real shoot? Of that girl you met for 30 seconds in Newquay? In the mag? It can’t be true? It only bloody is, so don’t delay. Get on that computer and get friend suggesting. Eternal gratitude is just an email away*.

Katie Catermole
Age: 20
Born: Bristol
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Wella, Redken