Sometimes there’s just too much good stuff to fit it all into one week. This was one of those weeks, but we think you’re more than capable of taking on that sexy burden. You poor fella, you.

Amber Rose showed off her terrifying but kinda sexy book cover 


J-Lo did something so sexy
that someone tried to sue her for it


Do your girlfriend’s mates hate you? Probably. Here’s how to fix it…


Meet Kelly Rohrbach, Leo DiCaprio’s favourite Sport’s Illustrated model

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Here’s 8 ways not to mess up the morning after the night before, with FHM Girlfriend Nathalia


Kate Upton turned 23! Here’s 23 GIFs to celebrate in style


10 amazing Instagram girls you’ve never heard of

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Not picked up the new mag yet? You fool! Here’s some of the sexy that you’re missing out on



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