FACT ONE: On an American TV show yesterday, Jennifer Aniston said: “Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!”

This is bad, mainly because the word ‘retard’ is often used as a derogatory term about disabled people. And also because it’s just plain incorrect. People who bad people might unkindly refer to as a ‘retard’ almost certainly don’t dress up for a living. Mainly because they’re probably mentally or physically disabled. But also because it would be quite patronising. Like a fat man competing in an eating competition. Or a dwarf competing in a limbo competition.

FACT TWO: Jennifer Aniston said “Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!” while promoting her new film The Switch.

Officially, fact one and fact two are unrelated. But if you take a moment to have a little think about how many good films Jennifer Aniston has been in, calculate the likelihood that The Switch (tagline: ‘The most unexpected comedy ever conceived”) will be good and come up with the answer VERY UNLIKELY, it’s not unreasonable to conclude that when Jennifer Aniston said “like a retard” she was referring to herself. You know, in the same way that black comedians are allowed to make jokes about black people. It doesn’t make it funny, of course. Or even really ‘okay’. But it does, at least, offer a theory as to why the former Friends star let the bad word slip, and makes us feel a little bit better about ending this article with a series of images that are all heavily focused around the concept of Jennifer Aniston looking extremely attractive even though some people might consider it to be in moderately bad taste given her televisual boob. Bosh wallop oi oi. LADS.


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