Jennifer Aniston nude. Possibly the most searched-for term of the chug-chug-chug days of downloading pictures off the internet during the 90s. So when we heard she was going to be appearing in the all-together, advertising her new perfume, almost two decades since she first starred as sexbomb-next-door Rachel in Friends – one question screamed out to be answered. Would you still go there?

This ad provides some answers. She's 41 but not looking it. She's telling us something by naming her perfume Lolavie – we reckon this is a reversed form of Lolita. (FHM ponders what age a woman must hit before it'd be wrong for us to hit on her.) She's undeniably still pretty hot – image retouching accepted – and we are living through the cult of the cougar, the experienced older lady. Aniston's old Friends buddy Courtney Cox is the star of "ooh, young man"-eating hit show Cougar Town, after all.

So things are looking good for Jen, but we spot one key problem here. The towel. Look at that pose. All the naughty bits are covered anyway. Why the towel, Jen? This sort of thing might explain why she's "always stuck in second gear" as the Friends theme song goes. Nevertheless, we've weighed it up and on balance she's free to put our gear stick into any position. Va va and, of course, voom.