Jennifer Aniston was at Harrods today to have thousands of people point at her as she launched her new fragrance, called Jennifer Aniston – The Debut Fragrance. Wearing a figure-hugging (beige?) dress with a little bow on it, Aniston juggled a teddy bear and Mohammed Al-Fayed as she politely answered questions about her love affair with smells. “My grandmother used a body splash that came in a big yellow jug that she kept by the bathtub,” she revealed, as perfume bloggers frantically scribbled the intel and fired emails to their assistants titled ‘GET ON THIS. NOW.' Oh, cleavage:

 Jennifer Aniston cleavage

The 41-year-old Friends star signed the first bottles of the fragrance for fans and revelled in the satisfaction of launching her fragrance before other heavyweight perfume people Kate Moss, Halle Berry and Antonio Banderas, who are all scheduled to launch fragrances this year. It’s like Wrestlemania, only pongier.

 Jennifer Aniston smells nice at Harrods

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