It’s easy to forget that Jennifer Love Hewitt exists. It’s not like she really does anything anymore. Not in England anyway. But here she is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in a country called America, talking about being named in People magazine's 50 most amazing bodies list and starring in an upcoming film called The Client List.

Cybill Shepherd is also in The Client List and there’s almost no way it will be good.

We are NOT being mean. On Wikipedia it’s described as being “about a mother who eventually becomes a prostitute” which sounds quite depressing and not really enough of a plotline to build a film that’s 100 minutes long around. Also, here is the cover:

Good on Jennifer Love Hewitt for looking 180% attractive on the poster for The Client List, but from where we’re sitting it does look like it might glamorise prostitution a tad.

But then again, we’re not having a go at prostitutes because they need to make a living and we respect that.

But then again, it is illegal.

But then again, we’re always breaking the law by cycling through red lights.

But then again, two wrongs don’t make a right and just because we play hard and fast with our road safety it doesn’t make paying for sex okay.

But then again, some people are ‘high class escort’ girls and actually make loads of money from entertaining rich men and have a lovely time doing so thank you very much.

But then again, prostitution sucks for all the Eastern European women locked in dingy rooms in Soho in London waiting for pissed teenagers to come and pay £15 for a blowjob as a dare.

So overall glamorising prostitution is definitely bad.