Not seen Jersey Shore yet? Well you’re surely missing out. It’s MTV’s latest reality hit and has made unlikely stars out of it’s cast of ‘Guido’s’ and ‘Guidettes’ New Jersey natives who have a love of fake tan, partying, the gym, tanning, partying, fighting and getting sun tanned. There are a few guys, or what could more accurately be described as ‘douche bags’ then there are the girls, Snooki, another one and J Woww, the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

Here she recreates Megan Fox’s famous shoot. And some scenes from cult stoner high school romp Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Let’s set the record straight now, she’s no Megan Fox, that much is clear, but she still lookmslike she’d be a blast. Until she got drunk, punched a bouncer, screamed at you, then slammed your hand in the taxi door. Until then though, phew…

Here are some choice questions from her interview with Maxim

What’s the worst fashion eff-up a guy can make?
Number one is socks and sandals. Seriously, guys, knock that shit off. Number two, if you wear flip-flops, I don’t need that weird yellow toe sticking out. I don’t mind a semi-metrosexual, especially when it comes to keeping your toes and nails clean and trimmed.

What’s your favorite bikini style?
Ruche. It’s a lacy style of stitching. The ruche goes into the butt crack, so it gives you a bigger-looking ass. Hot!

Best beach drink?
Miami Vice. You mix a strawberry daiquiri and a piña colada together. The fresher the ingredients, the better.

Stay classy New Jersey…