Legs are great, especially when attached to sex body bits, like those belonging to Jessica Alba. Sometimes though legs are attached to things that aren't so nice, for instance cheap flat-pack furniture or ostriches. Well no need to worry, because Jessica's legs are firmly attached to her torso... we think.

The big occasion for shaving Jessica's legs was a film premiere for The Killer Inside Me. But, to be honest, we would make an occasion just for Jessica's legs. We could tie a ribbon around her pins, then get a D-list celebrity to snip the ribbon with a big novelty pairs of scissors to open them. Actually, that sounds a little perverted.

Anyway, as you can see, FHM's 9th Sexiest Woman In The World 2010 was a rather splendid pile of hair and a cheesy grin. Both which suited her rather well.

Here is a little clip of the lovely Jessica in the movie.


And now here is a gallery of the lovely Jessica. How very lovely!