Jessica Alba is beautiful, very beautiful in fact. It's a shame she doesn't live in England because if she did there would never be winter, it would continuously be summertime. The sheer sexiness of her legs radiates light like the inside of the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. But we won't get into that again, as we made far too many Pulp Fiction references yesterday.

That may sound ludicrous but just take a gander at the pictures for proof.

Here Jessica is smiling in a lovely smiley fashion...

Then BOOM! As soon as her legs are revealed, the view is just too dazzling. Even Jessica has to wear sunglasses to shield her eyes. We wouldn't be surprised if you were wearing some right now. You're not? Oh, well that's just ruined the mystique of our elaborate metaphor hasn't it, you cheeky so and so's. 

1 \ Jessica Alba having her arse spanked... no joke.

2 \ Jessica Alba's very booby clothes.

3 \ More of Jessica's very posh legs.

Here is our lovely summery gallery of Jessica Alba in bikinis. Today is a good day.