You’ll know Jessica-Jane Clement from the BBC programme The Real Hustle, in which she stars alongside Alex Conran and Paul Wilson and has a great time stealing money of unsuspecting members of the public. They give it all back, of course, or we’d definitely have heard something.

Clement’s also had stints on Dream Team, a programme that no one watched called Celebrity Scissorhands and, most famously, came 46th in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World in 2009.

But as her role as the face and body of the brand new and very exciting Lynx Rise (which, we’re reliably informed, absolutely will not make you smell like a teenage rapist), she’s come into her own. What Lynx have done, right, is a photoshoot where, in each picture, there are four differences between the shot of Jessica-Jane Clement and the reflection of her in the mirror.

About the experience, she says: “I really enjoyed my Spot The Difference shoot for the launch of new Lynx Rise shower gel and hope guys are focused enough to notice the changes in detail.” Excitingly, she added: “Girls love guys who can remember dating details which is why I’m encouraging guys to stay alert if they want to pull a scorcher this summer.” Yeah, you ‘eard. Focus, you dullard.

Answers below please. Eyes wide open: