Jessie J. She’s gonna be big. Big like Gaga. Big like Perry. You heard it here fifth. She’s British, too. A pop star to call our own. Good stuff. Nay: great stuff.

Jessie J’s real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish, she is currently signed to Lava Records and Universal Republic Records and was announced as the winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 on January 4, 2011.

That last paragraph was stolen, in its entirety, from Wikipedia.

We’re not ashamed.

Wikipedia is a brilliant, if occasionally inaccurate, thing. Knowledge should be free, that’s what they’re saying to us. All the knowledge in the whole world should be free to everyone living in the world to access and read and learn from and gain wisdom from and hopefully do something good with.

This is what we hope to do with our knowledge of Jessie J.

But would good could we do, now that we know what we know? Tell other people about Jessie J? Help Jessie J become a really big star? Is that a good thing to do, or is that just going to make Jessie J, and no one else, happy?

These are the kind of questions we don’t know the answers to.

Here are some more: when you get something in your eye, and you blink loads to make it go away, where does it go? Does it just fall out, or does it go down a sort of eye water slide into your cheek? And then what? Does it carry on going until it gets to the bottom of your body? Does it fall out of you somehow? Does it become part of you forever? Does it form part of your ever-improving beard?

We will probably never know.