Soul singer Joss Stone has been unveiled as the first multi-tasking Bond girl. The Devon-bred warbler will star as femme fatale Nicole Hunter in Activision’s James Bond 007: Blood Stone computer game AND sing the original song for the title, alongside Eurythmics star Dave Stewart.

Joss Stone is in a computer game

Joss Stone sings the new Bond song

Stone, who says she acted the role “like a posh version of Paris Hilton”, was revealed at the London launch decked out in diamonds and armed with humble quips like, “instead of Martini in my glass I’m drinking cider and nobody will ever know”, and “I’m the first Bond girl with a nose ring.”

Daniel Craig in BloodStone

But some people were surprised at the announcement, given Stone once defected to the USA, adopted a Yank accent and then flew back to present the Brit awards as if she’d been born and bred in Kentucky. That was weird. Listen:

The game, slated for release later this year (Christmas, probably) and penned by legendary Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, will get a healthy whirl in the FHM office Xbox providing it can oust Activision’s other Bond title, a Wii-only reimagining of GoldenEye, after it lands on November 2.

Joss Stone wearing a little black dress

Joss Stone has nice legs

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Joss Stone upskirt photo