Julia Ann is where the phrase, “she got game” probably came from. This girl has been stripping, touring, acting in adult films and collecting awards for the lot since 1991. The Californian entrepreneur was chosen by Spearmint Rhino to lead a special feature show in the UK last weekend.

We were dragged along to the event kicking and screaming. A lovely meal, with posh table-service drinks and a selection of beautiful girls giving us conversation and a semi-clad eyeful throughout, was not appealing. Not at all. But we endured - for you guys.

After Julia Ann and a host of other equally eye-wateringly beautiful girls finished what can only be described as the-best-dance-ever, in the lustrous surroundings of Spearmint Rhino of Tottenham Court Road, we got hold of Julia Ann for a chat…

FHM: Julia. That. Was. Amazing…
Julia: Aww thanks! Yes, I thought it went really well. You British are a really receptive audience.

FHM: Receptive. Not the word we have used to describe the crowd. More like elated.
Julia: Haha! Yeah I think all the girls and I were really getting excited during the show and that just allows the guys to do the same. If we let go and behave a bit silly then everyone else feels free to do the same. The job is to help everyone have a good time. I think we did that well here.

FHM: So, you have more experience tantalising men than just dancing. Do you prefer doing porn or dancing?
Julia: Neither. I love both. Dancing means going on the road which is a lot of fun, and you get feedback from the crowd. But then porn is really liberating and a great industry to be involved with.

FHM: You’re like a queen to the other dancers. Who inspired you within the porn industry?
Julia: Christy Canyon was a guide for me. She’s so sweet and yet shrewd at the same time. She’s a real professional when it comes to the work but manages to get along with everyone too.

FHM: And how did you get into the industry?
Julia: I started off dancing in an act called Blondage with Janine Linemulder. Then one day we got offered roles in Andrew Blake’s Hidden Obsessions and it went from there. I’ve always been open to change though – you need to be able to adapt in this industry. That’s why an offer to dance for Spearmint Rhino in the UK was something I really enjoyed doing.

FHM: You mention the industry changing. How has the internet affected porn?
Julia: It’s been a double-edged sword really. It’s good for getting your name out there, building your fan base and becoming more accessible. But then it’s becoming far too easy to get everything for free. I always think of it like a big forest becoming overgrown and chocking itself, then a fire comes and kills off all that is unnecessary and growth can start again fresh. For now though there is a lot of steady money to be found in stripping.

FHM: Any other reasons why porn might not be great in your experience?

Julia: When everything is going fine – which is most of the time, it’s great. But I did have one bad experience where I clashed with a director. It’s really hard having sex right in front of that person after you’ve been fighting with them not long before.

FHM: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to sign?
Julia. A dildo. Haha! Wait. I guess that’s kind of to be expected though isn’t it?! Haha!

To check out the rest of the girls and get a Spearmint Rhino experience for yourself, visit spearmintrhino.co.uk. In the meantime enjoy some Julia Ann snaps below...