Kara Tointon looks fantastic in lingerie, swimwear and probably whilst wearing nothing at all. Which is surprising considering she was in Eastenders, as they tend to turn out cast members that look like this, rather than this.

Well Asda's clothing range George seem to have noticed how fetching Kara looks, because they've decided plonk her in their 'Michelle' range of underwear whilst being all happy and sexy. Of course there is no guarantee you will be either happy or sexy whilst wearing the underwear, but what do you expect for six quid.

Random Kara Tointon trivia you might not know:

1 \ Her sister - Hannah Tointon, is also incredibly hot. 

2 \ Like all great actors, she's starred in a McDonalds advert.

3 \ She was in Football Factory and was told very specifically by Danny Dyer that he couldn't wait to see her fanny.

In case you didn't know, you would probably love to hear that Kara Tointon is an official FHM covergirl, she appeared in our summer special in August 2009.

Speaking of which, here is our 66th Sexiest Woman In The World, on her sexy swimwear photoshoot.


Duff, duff, duff, duff, duff, duffer, duff, duff. (Eastenders cliffhanger music) And here is her gallery.