Kate Beckinsale has been around for ages, so she must be something like 6, 573 years old...OK, we just looked it up and turns out she's only 37. So she just started acting pretty young. Whatever, the point is she continues to look nothing short of amazing, like here, for example, at the premiere of Going The Distance.

She's actually not even in the film, but we did some research and it turns out we don't really care. She looks lovely and she is an extraordinarily brilliant interviewee. She gets a fair amount of stick for not always being great at acting, but watch Snow Angels or The Last Days of Disco to see that she's actually sometimes brilliant (although both those films are occasionally a bit boring, so don't rush to see them or anything).

The star of Going The Distance is actually Drew Barrymore. She is 35 and also looked very cute.

So the moral of today's story is: hooray for women in their mid-30s.