“Anyone can have a dream, and any dream can come true if you’re realistic.” Katie Price said that. And she said it as recently as, oh, last Thursday. Price was talking at the London launch of her new babywear range, KP Baby, which sounds, rather unfortunately, like a condiment. How careless is that? Even worse, she gave one of the rent-a-babies on display such a grilling that the poor infant had no choice but to bust out its best ‘REMOVE THIS WOMAN’ face. Except they couldn’t (Price had paid for the babies to be there) so they just had to tough it out. Watch this video below. It won’t take long.



Now here’s a video of a man standing in a filed in Edenbridge talking about how proud and excited he is to be burning an effigy of Katie Price. He’d like to invite Katy down to model for the effigy herself, because they haven’t quite got the arms and shoulders right.