Katie Price dressed up like a space goon and wore an iPod tiara and iPod Nanos as earrings to launch her own range of the MP3 players. Extraordinary. The ‘boutique’ range of iPods, which are just like normal iPods but with hearts, butterflies and stars laser-carved on to the casings, will go on sale via Katie Price’s website. You can subscribe to the Katie Price fan club for £2 a month, if you like.

Katie Price space suit 

Katie Price was sexy once. Some might argue she still is, but they won’t be able to do it with anything resembling credibility. Anyway, look:

Katie Price breasts

Here is what Katie Price said at the launch event: “I’m really excited about my iPod range and love the way they have turned out. Being involved in the design process was fantastic and really gave me the opportunity to develop and create exactly what I wanted. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and you will be seeing more from my boutique range.”

Katie Price fake tan

Here is what someone who was passing our desk said about these pictures: “Is that Katie Price? That’s horrible.”

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Katie Price iPod