Katy Perry is a busy woman. Everyday she seems to be somewhere. Which coincidently is where everybody seems to be nowadays. What is up with that? And when Katy heads off to wherever she is going, to do whatever she is doing, she is always wearing different outfits or wigs.

Well today is no different, because today Katy dressed up in a leopard skin dress. Which was pinched in the middle by a pervy invisible man, who wanted to show off Katy's ample bum and boobs. We can't condemn the poor invisible man, if we were invisible we would be doing the exact same thing. Poking, pinching and prodding our way around the London Underground and weeing in policemen's hats then putting them back on their heads. 

But eventually this invisible man will become lonely and try to contact people normally. But the people will be afraid and think they are being haunted. And that, children, is how ghosts were invented.

Check out Katy Perry's new video below!