Super-sexy-but-slightly-mental Katy Perry stunned school-leavers in Australia on Friday when she crashed their student prom.

This is what school uniform looks like, in case you weren't sure

The end of year bash was taking place at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Melbourne. Katy Perry pitched up, asked to speak to the head of the Student Council and offered to join the celebrations.

Student Council President Anthony Lay (a man) said: “Someone came over to me and said Katy Perry had heard about our formal, and wanted to come. But she’s a celebrity and there were more than 550 students in the room, so another person, a woman, said it would be too dangerous.”

Another person, a woman – you’ve hit the nail on the head there, Ant.

Oh God, I think I've left the iron on

Katy Perry, never one to take heed of health and safety advice, stormed past the ‘woman’ straight to the centre of the dancefloor, where she grabbed a microphone and started singing Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’.

Yoga: not just for gay men and fat women

At our school prom, we went to a golf club, got really drunk on JD we’d snuck in inside an expertly concealed hipflask, hugged Mr. Walker and told him he’s “alright, really”, and then tried it on with his wife, unsuccessfully. Then, to cap off the evening, we streaked through the sprinklers thinking everyone would follow us (they didn’t), before commandeering someone else’s pre-booked limo to take us home. Thank you, school, and goodnight.

If there’s one thing Katy Perry loves more than school proms, it’s Twitter. She tweets more often than we look at pictures of Katy Perry. Which is a lot. Probably a little bit too much to be entirely healthy, if we’re honest. So it’s no surprise she was promptly telling her 3,382,222 followers “I totes just crashed a prom!!!”

We’ve only got 14,446 followers. Maybe if we spent less time looking at pictures of Katy Perry and more time tweeting irreverent social observations, we’d have more. But then we’d have less time to look at pictures of Katy Perry. Which would be a BAD THING. Anyway, it’s not a competition. Although, if you want to join us and take down the Perry empire, go here. We'll love you forever.

We think ‘totes’ is celeb-chat for ‘totally’, by the way.


1/ Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole, together at last
2/ Katy Perry in a very tight dress
3/ Katy Perry has got cake on her tits


1/ Enjoy Miranda Kerr, while you still can
2/ Kelly Brook wants a man
3/ Paris looks nice this time of year

And here's some more pictures of Katy Perry looking really quite nice: