Russell Brand’s other half Katy Perry has been all over the place recently promoting her new album and singles. And that would be bad if she looked like, say, the Elephant Man John Merrick. But she doesn’t, she looks amazing, always. Besides, she could never have been a singer with that kind of facial disfigurement, it would have affected her vocal chords too much…”I KISHHED A GURRL, AND I LIKED SCHITTT!” See, it just wouldn’t work, a record like that would barely scratch the surface of the charts.

But FHM cover girl Katy Perry, with her long legs, big boobs and bigger eyes can sing, and is substantially sexier than the famously polite Victorian oddity. She’s just great, and we’re happy she’s found love with Russell Brand, if only because at some point they may have kids and they will be very cool kids. Not your oddly silent offspring of the Cruises and Beckhams. These would be brash, bright young things, infused with their parents confidence. Would they be embarrassed by them? Of course not, why would they? When asked what their parents do they can simply reply ‘everything.’ Lets hope they make it eh? Go on Katy and Russell, prove the statistics and ‘haters’ wrong.

And here's a gallery of the big eyed beauty.