As weird sexy hair colours go, Katy Perry's blue barnet probably isn't up there. Ladies like Christina Hendricks can rock a deep red mane - like a sexy she-devil; and even Megan Fox shaved her head and looked like a beautiful egg. FHM's Sexiest Egg In The World 2008, in fact.

While Katy kinda looks like a character from a dodgy Japanese anime, luckily the hair is a wig. What are real though, are Katy's ample bosoms - and boy, how we appreciate those.

You have to show them appreciation, because if you don't they might disappear - like those faries that die when you say you don't believe in them. We do believe in your breasts Katy, we really do.

The elaborate dress-up session was all in aid of the MTV Movie Awards, including such prestigious awards as 'Best Kiss' and 'Best WTF Moment'. Katy's performance involved her dressing as a modern day Wonderwoman on a floating surf board with Snoop Dogg and dancers. She couldn't try harder unless she was juggling prickly pears with her eyes closed.

Katy also wore a sparkly see-through dress when she arrived and looked rather classy. But she still had blue hair.  Have a butchers below to see what Katy Perry looks like moving.