Katy Perry played a gig in Melbourne last night. Because Katy Perry is almost never disappointing, she wore a very tight dress that appeared to be covered in hundreds and thousands, and played a guitar while making a really over-excited face. Like this.

Katy Perry playing a guitar in a tight silver dress in Melbourne

Then she leaned over a bit, like this, because - again - Katy Perry knows what works for her and she's going to keep doing it.

Katy Perry performs in Melbourne

Then someone in the audience put their hand up really high, because they evidently had a question. But Katy didn't see them so that question will forever be unanswered.

Katy Perry in a tight dress in Melbourne

Then somebody took a photo...

Katy Perry Silver Dress (side view)

That with a little bit of Photoshop could be made to look very rude indeed.

a bit silly

See. Unacceptable. Why, what were you thinking?

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