Katy Perry is obsessed with PVC, scarily obsessed, every time we blink she's strapped up in some new shiny concoction of ass grabbing delight. This isn't a bad thing, well unless you're using eighties-American terminology. In which case, it's very bad.

If we were speaking eighties lingo, then we'd take it down a notch while we drop you the 411 baby. Basically what's crackalakin is that KP is rocking some ace chonies, which are totally wizard, mondo and generally off da hook! Her primo panties are for her new record cover and they're sexy-o-rama dude. So check out our homegirl Katy as she totally rules in the snaps below!

And here's Katy's sexy new album cover for California Girls dawg!

And here's Katy Perry's California Girls video, which is bitch'n.


And here's a video about Katy Perry's new naked album cover. Schweeeeeet!



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And lastly but by no means leastly, we've thrown a sexy gallery in the mix. We'll penicil you in for some more Katy Perry news soon.