It's pretty hot outside right now. It's difficult to know what to wear. Most things will either mean you boil to death on the tube, or cause you to be fired for turning up to work looking like a pale Baywatch extra. Katy Perry has the answer. Just get it all out.

Our favourite pneumatic pop star is topless on the new issue of Esquire magazine. She's doing a pose that a friend of ours likes to call 'You caught me'. As in, 'You have walked into this room where I was innocently going about my sexy business and caught me, therefore I am slightly embarrassed, yet ok with it'.

We're pretty sure all those watermarks won't be on the actual cover, unless they've made a really weird design choice.

Katy Perry highlights from the FHM archive:

Katy Perry has blue hair

2/ Katy Perry has cake on her tits

3/ Katy Perry wore a PVC dress

4/ Katy Perry's FHM cover shoot