Katy Perry's boobs are insatiable. They can't go five minutes without popping out to say hello. They're just like two lonely bald midgets, nestled under her top, craving the tender love and care that only a PVC dress, paparazzi and men's magazines can provide.

Well Katy, we're happy to oblige. She was performing at a car launch, with her song California Gurls or Girlz or however they have decided to ludicrously mis-spell it. We recently posted some of Katy's new video, which involves her sitting on a cloud naked and spraying cream everywhere from her boobs. This is how we would imagine heaven would look if it was run by Playboy.

This is Katy looking slightly surprised at something, whilst rocking some massive boobage. Perhaps someone did a back flip. Maybe her helpers are throwing peanuts in her mouth, because she couldn't pick them up with her nails. If we were as important as Katy Perry we would make sure someone was ready to put food in our mouth everytime it opened.

Here is Katy wearing a colourful hearing aid, perhaps whilst yelling about some lower lumbar back pain she is experiencing. We feel your pain Katy, we hate that too. Try having a nice nap on a hard wood floor.

Other bits of Katy Perry goodness. 

1 \ Katy Perry with blue hair.

2 \ Katy Perry in a crazy-sexy dress.

3 \ Katy Perry as a sexy cavewoman.