Katy Perry is a smart woman, she knows what sells to teenagers. Sex and candy. Not sex for candy of course, because that's wrong in all kinds of ways. If you had a gander at Katy Perry's official fan site last night, which undoubtedly you were glued to, you would have seen Miss Perry pedaling her new album cover. Which includes her being butt-naked covered in candy floss clouds, it's like Willy Wonka's version of heaven, expect without orange-faced singing midgets.

See isn't that bloody great? If we rocked up in heaven and saw this, we would be hi-fiving St. Peter and settling in for a long stay. Forget Hell. Hell is so last Tuesday. So what if all the heavy metal legends hang out there? They're all dudes anyway, or scary gothic girls who look like dudes. You could only chat to Dio about the solo in Holy Diver for so long*. Where as Katy Perry's shiny candy floss ass could keep us going for all eternity.

*We are not suggesting Dio went to Hell, he seemed like a lovely chap. 

In other news, Katy Perry went to the beach, did a bit of snorkeling and all that shit.

There was slight alarm caused when nearby floating children misunderstood Katy Perry's buoyant behind, as an impending shark attack!

Dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun (Jaws theme music).

But then they realised it was just Katy Perry, fishing for sunglasses. So she flashed them the peace sign and went and bought an ice cream.

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