Did you notice it was a little bit sunnier than normal today? And that the birds were singing that little bit more sweetly? That's because today is a very special day. Today is Kelly Brook Is On The Cover Of FHM Day! Break out the sexy bunting!

Look how excited Kelly is! You should be too!

For her first FHM cover shoot in five years, we took Kelly to South Africa to show that while England may not be favourite for the World Cup, it is unquestionably world class in producing amazing looking women who look extra amazing when wearing swimsuits. We also took three lions as a clever symbol of the England football team, and because lions are brilliant. Who doesn't love lions? Everybody loves lions, except gazelles.

Here is Kelly looking brilliant. Look at her! It's like looking directly at the Sun, if the sun were a very beautiful woman and not a giant ball of gas that will one day destroy us all.

Here is Kelly from the back, which is equally as good as Kelly from the front.

Here is a totally out of context quote from Kelly: "I expected Mike Tyson to appear out of the bathroom at any moment". You can find the context in the new issue.

To see even more images - the purple bikini ones are particularly incredible - pick up the latest issue of FHM, which is in shops today (except, like, greengrocers shops and stuff - they won't have it). The new issue also includes a massive World Cup viewing guide, a brand new issue of FHM Bionic, featuring Frank Lampard and Stephen Gerrard, plus FHM trying to bag a cougar (the sexy older lady kind, not the toothy kind - we're only about lions right now) and an interview with the world's worst serial killer.

Bonus: Here's a video of Kelly's cover shoot. You are welcome.




And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves right now. It looks like this:

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