Keeley Hazell retired from modelling a while back and hasn’t been on the scene much lately - as we’re sure you’ve noticed from the painful hole in your heart. But it’s good news. She’s been away studying acting – like a Tibetan monk, or a montage scene from an 80s film, she’s been working hard and we now get to see the result.

We joined her on set of her first production – and have the photo shoot below to prove it. To kick-off her acting career Keeley joined Lynx to shoot an innovative new type of video that let’s you, the viewer, control the video’s outcome – a bit like those books you used to read as a kid (don’t deny it). And yes as always Lynx have produced ANOTHER amazing video winner.

Keeley’s co-star was Blake Harrison who you’ll know as Niel from The Inbetweeners, but did you spot anyone else in the video? A certain High Street Honey winner? Name her below if you did… and isn’t that Noel Fielding’s brother and Mighty Boosh co-star Mike, with the camera? It was quite the event.

Want to see if you can pull Keeley in the video? View it HERE. Then let us know what you thought below… but first – treats.



Now for that Keeley Lynx Gallery we promised: