Kelly Brook is going to be in Skins. Wearing not a lot. This makes us happy. We’re simple creatures, really.

Kelly filmed her part earlier this week and will appear when the show returns for its fifth series in January. There'll also be a whole new cast to look forward to - the third in the show's history.

An insider told The Sun: "Kelly is very funny in it. She is great as a really sexy fitness instructor who drives the boys wild."

Drives the boys wild? We'll bet she does. And the girls, probably, considering Skins' penchant for a lesbo-heavy character set.

Go on, girls.

The Skins cameo is the latest in a growing number of acting ventures for everyone's favourite breakfast companion.

She also stars in Piranha 3D, which launches on 20th August. Just so we're clear, that's a film featuring Kelly Brook in 3D. What more could you ask for? Porn star Riley Steele to be in it with her? Oh, go on then. A lesbian kiss between the two of them? We spoil you, we really do.

Riley gushed: “It’s not work when you get to kiss Kelly Brook. She’s so hot.”

Pornstars: stating the obvious since 1964.

Kelly, keeping her her feet on the ground, added: “I don’t think I’ll be getting any Oscars for it.”

That depends – our application for the judging panel is still pending…