Kelly Brook is everywhere, like oxygen, sunlight and social deprivation. However today is different... slightly different. Today, Kelly is wearing a little bit of clothing at the Piranha 3D premiere. When we say a little bit, we mean a little bit . She's still flashing more leg than The BFG in hot pants and her cleavage, well that's just bloody spilling over, like a nervous waiter carrying a tray full of booby cocktails.

This of course can only be a good thing, other good things include, Kelly Brook naked in Playboy, Kelly Brook naked in Love and Kelly Brook naked in trainers. Now don't get us wrong, it's not all about Kelly Brook being naked, it's just mainly about Kelly Brook being naked. During the times when she isn't naked, it helps us appreciate the times when she is naked so much more.

That's Kelly Brook with Riley Steele, she's a porn star. Kelly Brook is pretty much mates with a porn star, wouldn't she just be the best girlfriend in the world!

In Piranha 3D, Kelly Brook gets naked, however you may possibly have to sit through a small portion of movie before that happens. We don't know how good it will be, or how good the badness with be, to be more precise. Even the creators of the film have picked up on the 'light-hearted' nature of the film. Which is displayed brilliantly in this Oscar bid video form

Here is the trailer for the movie:


Here is an exclusive clip for the movie:


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Here are some more pictures with Kelly Brook. Excellent stuff.