The FHM covergirl and good, good friend Kelly Brook was seen in LA yesterday meeting big bosses while looking absolutely amazing. She was seen at the offices of E! which indicates that she is intent on breaking America, and why shouldn’t she eh?

Rumour had she was going to move to Australia with Danny Cipriani, but that obviously didn’t happen as the two broke up. Now with her first major film role in Piranha 3D on it’s way, the 30-year-old Brooks career looks to be going to the next level. Kelly has got some stick for her role in the fish based horror as she spends most of it in a bikini, but she dismisses it. “If people want to cast me in roles for my body or how I look, I’m just doing to embrace that because that’s not going to be the case forever,' Brook said. 'It doesn’t make me any less important than anyone else in the movie just because I’m in a bikini. That’s just the role I play. It’s as much a part of the story as the piranhas and everything else.”

Perhaps looking to follow in the footsteps of former FHM covergirl Cat Deeley, Brook has hit the streets of LA hard and already has two more films lined up for next year. We wish her the best of luck and just ask that she pop back now and again to say hello. Just a drink or something, or a coffee if she’s busy that evening. No lunches? Okay, well a phone call? Skype? Oh forget it here she is in all her glory.