We do love a bit of Kelly Brook here at FHM, as you might of noticed. She is a talented woman, who can act, dance, present and model. She could probably do all four at the same time, but we won't make her.

Today's Kelly Brook bulletin is very important and as sexy as always. The Kentish lovely was at Comic Con, looking utterly fabulous. But we were wondering, why exactly was she there? She hasn't really starred in many/any blockbusters or comic book action films. Now don't get us wrong, we ruddy love Kelly Brook, we can't get enough of her. In fact lets count the ways we love her, like Count Von Count in Sesame Street. 

"Ah-ah-ahhhh, come now children, count za ways we love Kelly Brook."

"One. Ah-ah-ah."

"Two. Ah-ah-ah."

"Three. Ah-ah-ah."

Zats three, three ways we love Kelly Brook.

Now you understand, we love Kelly Brook. But we are a bit confused why she was at Comic Con. You could argue that her gold dress looks like a super sexy, female, non-gay version of C3PO. But we won't. Because she doesn't really does she.

Just as a bonus for being so well behaved throughout the article, here is a picture of Kelly Brook dressed as Princess Leia. BOOM.

Now for a video from Comic Con, with erm, Helen Mirren in it.


Ohh look a gallery!