So what have you been up to in Miami?
Well, I’m putting lads to all sorts of tests to find the UK’s best players. I’m escorting the winning teams to Miami to take part in a rally where I’ll set them a series of challenges. There’ll be lots of cars, gorgeous women and me!

So what do you think makes a good player?
Someone with a cheeky smile and a good line. For me it’s definitely about the banter not the looks.

You have your own line of lingerie these days. Are you wearing “Kelly Brook” undies right now?
I am, but usually I mix and match my lingerie. I love wearing my own stuff, but Agent Provocateur can be sexy too. The great thing about my range of underwear is that it’s based on me. I can guarantee it fits!

Is that why you started your range, because you couldn’t find bras to fit your colossal fun-bags?
Well when you’re, shall we say, bigger busted, it’s hard to find any lingerie that is young, fresh, girly and sexy. It’s quite nice to have a sexy bra range that fits us bigger girls. I feel like I’m giving something back to the big-titted community.

What would say is the sexiest thing you own?
Apart from some cute and sexy cotton baby doll-like lingerie, I’d have to say my new car. I’ve just bought a new jet black Range Rover Sport and I love it.



How is it sexy though?
Well, there’s lots of room in there and it’s got blacked-out windows…

Sounds very “gangster”, have you killed a man in it?
No! It’s more sexy than gangster. I’m a nice girl! Having said that, I am a bit worried that I’m going to hit and kill a badger or something. I live down these tiny country lanes and when I roar down them there’s all this wildlife jumping out at me.

Does that mean you’re back living in Britain then?
Yeah, we’ve still got our place out in LA, but Billy [Zane, fiancé] and I are living in the English countryside most of the time now.

When you’re out in Hollywood, who do you hang out with?
Well, we went to a barbecue at [producer] Lawrence Bender’s place and everyone from Arnie to Stallone was there. A Hollywood barbecue is nothing like an English one. There’s no burnt burgers.

Do people go mad for your giant natural boobs in LA as there are so many women with fakeys?
Yeah, mine are a bit of a novelty in California. And they go mad for my teeth as well. They all can’t believe someone from England can have white teeth.

Original interview by Lee Coan in the May 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine