Kelly Brook is going to appear in the September issue of Playboy, you remember this, as we told you a while back. (Have a look memory fans.) For those of you who aren't memory fans, or severe amnesiacs, then don't worry because you can enjoy some of the final product right here.

Surprisingly Kelly revealed that she is getting a bit insecure about her looks, she said: "I'm not 20 any more. My boobs are real, and they even hang a little." We know what you're thinking, if a super stunning, curvaceous goddess like Kelly Brook can have hang ups about her age then what hope in hell have you got? The answer is, not a lot. Because we all get old.

Not very profound, we know, but the truth is that it doesn't matter because when you are aged, like a pensioner, let yourself go. Then you can be as fat as the day is long (or wide) and stop trimming those rouge hairs in your nose, ears and arse.

Just be horribly disgusting and when your family try to point you towards the shower, toilet or care home, then you can brandish the photos from the glory years and tell them how sexy and awesome you used to be. Well, Kelly Brook's photo session in Playboy will be some of those many pictures that she will shamelessly wave around. Along with these ones.

So don't worry Kelly, you go for it girl. Swing you bountiful bosom, until they eventually sag and carve a grave hole in the ground for you to die in. Because right now, you're still bloody beautiful.

Here's the trailers for Piranha 3D.

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