Kelly Brook is back in London after a long, luxurious, multi-continent working holiday that has seen her wear 106 different bikinis, work with lions, indulge in some motorboating and generally maintain the fascination of a nation crippled by lust. Could everyone just do a quick check that their balls haven’t melted? What’s that? Really? But it was a joke! Christ, that’s DISGUSTING! Yes, of course you’re excused. No, really, please, get out.

But the good news is that Kelly Brook is back on the sodden streets of London, breezing her way from the gym to lunch meetings to jewellery stores where the staff all wear white gloves and have impeccable teeth. She’s become the woman we always hoped she’d be. Remember the senseless injustice of Brook’s sacking from The Big Breakfast because she couldn’t read polysyllabic words from the autocue? When she was still a teenager? Savage. Welcome home, Kelly.


Kelly Brook flicking her hair

Kelly Brook looks great while out shopping in London

Kelly Brook going shopping in London

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