In never-seen-before video footage, Kelly Brook has appeared in a red swimsuit just 24 hours before England take to the field for their do-or-die World Cup encounter with Slovenia. The significance of the colour will not be lost on the England side, who will wear an all-red strip themselves during their last-ditch attempt to make a mark on the tournament in South Africa.

Brook wears the swimsuit for approximately two and a half seconds, approximately one minute and six seconds into a video produced by With a performance that oozed class and confidence, Brook modelled the swimsuit on location in Cape Town. She looked calm and relaxed on set, while England’s footballers - under fire and staring elimination in the face – went through their final preparations for the Group C encounter.


If we were writing a press release – which we’re not – it might sound a bit like that. But it did strike us as an awesomely lazy excuse for some free publicity. A bit like that time someone phoned us up to see if we’d like to write about a new pedal bin because an oceanographer had discovered 100 million tons of flotsam in the Pacific Ocean. Or when someone thought it was a good idea to push the DVD release of Passchendale by holding a screening on Remembrance Sunday.

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