Kelly Brook endorsing Reebok’s EasyTone trainers has been an unreservedly good thing.

Like those magical times when you’re listening to the radio and the exact song you want to hear more than any other in the entire world (99 Red Balloons, normally) comes on; as if the DJ has delved into your mind, past all the grot and "mustn’t forget: get bread” memo, to deliver three minutes and fifty-three seconds of musical magic to your blessed ears.

Or those times when you ring to order Dominos, and they tell you it’s “buy one, get one free”. Sure, there’s the momentary panic as you have to pick a second pizza on the spot and end up with the seafood special with added egg, but you’re still eating pizza, for free!

Thanks to Reebok, Kelly’s already:

- Done the cooking, in her underwear,

- Done the hoovering, in her underwear,

- Done some hula-hooping, in her underwear,

- Danced, in her underwear,

- Walked the dog, in her underwear, and

- Jumped up and down, in her underwear.

And now, they’ve gone one better. Having finished all her chores, she’s gone for a little lie down. Out of her underwear. Which looks rather spiffing, if we're honest.

Next time you’re out and about, look out for the giant billboard showing a starkers Kelly posing in just some trainers. But don’t forget to pick up bread again, you wally.