Kelly Brook was naked in Playboy. Now Kelly Brook is naked in Love. This is getting ridiculous. She’s promoting Piranha 3D you see, a film that stands almost no chance of being good. Then again, FHM senior writer Josh Woodfin says: “I think it will be pretty good fun, yeah.” And FHM head writer Olly Richards says: “I think it will be brilliantly shit.” And those guys tend to be pretty good at predicting what’s going to be HOT and what’s going to be NOT HOT in popular culture. For example, in January 2009, Josh Woodfin is known to have said to his cat Jasper: “You know what Jasper, I think that in August 2010 the Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen will raise a few eyebrows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his fairly extreme stand-up routine.” And you know what? It happened. Similarly, in April 2007, Olly Richards is rumoured to have said to his cats Domino and Mitzi: “You know what Domino and Mitzi, I think that in some point in the future Casey Affleck is going to make a film about the time Joaquin Phoenix had a very public breakdown that may or may not have been an elaborate hoax.” And you know what? It happened. So there’s a good chance that Piranha 3D will be both “pretty good fun” and “brilliantly shit”. You heard it here first.

So here’s Kelly Brook naked on the cover of Love:


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