Now, if somebody is lying about this then that somebody is going to be on the receiving end of a good kicking - or at least some very loud tutting - but there are reports that Kelly Brook, our current covergirl and general perfect specimen of womanhood, is going to pose for Playboy.

Before we get into the detail, here is a reminder of what Kelly looks like when moving around: 


Kelly has apparently been offered $500,000 (£340,000) to get her kit off for the magazine's October issue. The shoot is said to be happening somewhere in the Mediterranean in the next few weeks. You'll probably notice we're including phrases like "there are reports that", "apparently" and "said to be", because we're not yet sure this is true. Proper journalists would be calling all sorts of sources to check every fact and probably writing something in shorthand...but, well, what are you going to do.

Hey, know what else Kelly Brook has done recently? Appeared on our bloody cover! On the magazine that is out right now. Pictures of which you can see below. Brilliant!

Four Kelly Brook highlights from the FHM archive:

1/ Kelly Brook is on the cover of the new FHM

2/ Kelly Brook in the Piranha 3D trailer

3/ Kelly Brook's bum sells shoes

4/ Kelly Brook: Hollywood loves her and her boobs


And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves now. It looks like this:

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