Kelly Karloff on Facebook and MySpace is not new. Kelly Karloff presenting Karmaloop TV answering questions you email in, is very new and very good indeed.

The slim line version of Megan Fox first cropped up little over a year ago on Facebook, using the alias Kelly Starr. Due to copyright issues mixing her name up with pornstars', the 21-year-old Boston resident quickly changed to Kelly Karloff.

Kelly Karloff is also a student and a shots-girl in a nurse's uniform in the evenings. That's right, her name is being repeated a lot, that's because you need to learn it. She's going to be big. And hopefully naked. Once she finishes school. Good girl.

Kelly Karloff is so new and unknown that the only information about her to be found is her age (21) , location (Glouchester, Massachusetts, US) and star sign - Capricorn. After looking up this minor detail on, we found it means she is ‘capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal [she has] set for [herself]’. Potentially a great asset. Add that to the fact that she's single and looks like a goddess, and you have yourself some prime girlfriend material.

The best part? You can email her here: (as sexual as you like - she loves it) and she will answer you on her show here: The first person to get a response - let us know in the comment box below and we will make it our mission to get her in for you to meet. Deal? In the meantime enjoy this - our biggest gallery ever (they were all too good to pick ones for deletion). To see just how super hot she is, compare her to the winner of Miss Universe.