Kendra Wilkinson, Playboy centrefold and woman who used to let Hugh Hefner do stuff to her, has a sex tape. We know, we were shocked too. There is no precedent for this.

The tape was apparently made shortly before Kendra joined the TV show Girls Next Door, the show that followed the crazy, bouncy lives of Hefner's favoured Playmates, which would make her about 18 at the time. As yet, there's no indication of who else is in the tape. He is currently known only as Some Lucky Bastard.

The tape is being released in America by Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released pretty much any sex tape you care to think of, including Pamela Anderson's and Kim Kardashian's. They seemingly have footage of everyone in the world doing the nasty. Working there is probably quite good.

Kendra has expressed outrage at the tape's release, yet coincidentally was on the cover of OK magazine talking about it on the same day that news of its existence broke. Radar is suggesting she's maybe not being entirely honest and planned the tape's release. We have dispatched men who wear deerstalkers and big moustaches to get to the bottom of this.

Isn't it quaint that people still call them sex tapes? Who has tapes anymore? It's like saying you have explicit cave paintings or an old gramophone record of someone breathing a bit heavily.