Kim Kardashian got her monumental cleavage out once again at the weekend when she posed for The Telegraph with a little kitten, which she either like or hates. Ahh. We love baby animals, but there’s not an animal out there that could distract us from our Kim, except perhaps a sloth, or a baby sloth. The story centres around the fact that she is turning 30 and all that kind of stuff. Is she too old to be sexy that kind of rubbish.


She’s so clearly sexy, she is sex. She’s so sexy there’s only one way to explain it and it’s the least sexy way of all, She oozes sex from her every pore. Kim once said of her amazing curves “Im going to probably have kids soon, so I want to have the perfect body before then. It'll be harder to get in shape afterward, so why not do it now.” We think she’s well on her way. Go on Kim, you can do it. Get that perfect body. We’ve even built a gallery showing the evolution of it. We have, it’s like one of Darwin’s drawings combined with a particularly rewarding ham shandy, go on treat yourself, have a look.