FHM favourite Kim Kardashian got snapped while snapping herself at photo shoot in Americas Los Angeles. You would though wouldn’t you. ‘Oh, is that me, do I look like that? Are they my breasts? God I’m brilliant.’ But how about those bracelets! That’s some lethal looking accessorising. Anyway, FYI, the play list in the office this afternoon has consisted of a marathon of the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and now we’ve settled in for a session with Steeley Dan. Steve Winwood was vetoed. Sometimes MOR is just the way forwards. Winwood is excellent by the way, trippy, but great. Have a look at these lyrics for Arc of a Diver. Then look at this lovely gallery of Kim!

"Lean streaky music spawned on the streets I hear it but with you I had to go 'Cause my rock 'n' roll is putting on weight and the beat it goes on Arc of a diver effortlessly, my mind in sky and when I wake up Daytime and nighttime I feel you near Warm water breathing she helps me here."