Kristen Stewart is a very pretty lady and as you might know she is FHM's 6th Sexiest Woman In The World,  but do you think she appreciates it? We think she does, who wouldn't, it's a massive accolade. There is calling someone a pretty lady, like we just did, then there is calling someone one of the ten sexiest women in the world. That's quite a big deal, other big deals include the World Cup, global warming and the Twilightfilms. Which Kristen just so happens to be a part of too. Well done Kristen.

The pictures of Kristen's lovely long legs are from a screening by the Cinema Society & Piaget. No, we hadn't heard of it either. But those people standing behind their with cameras must have. Unless they are actually photographers and it's just their job to stand their holding cameras. 

This is a picture of Kristen Stewart smiling. She looks very happy. Maybe someone gave her a balloon.

1 \ Kristen Stewart looking sexy and moody but sexy too.

2 \ Kristen Stewart wearing a see through dress.

3 \ Kristen Stewart is in a bikini.