Kristen Stewart is in a film about vampires, a little film you might have heard of by the name of Twilight. It seems that Kristen might be one of those poncey method-actors that takes their roles with them everywhere. Do teenagers need to be convinced that you really really are a mopey depressed little emo? That may sound harsh, but wait until you see the pictures of Kristen all smoldering and annoyed.

Come on Kristen, crack a smile love, turn that smile upside down, look on the brighter side of life, every cloud has a silver lining, it might never happen. That's all of the cliches we could think of. Perhaps she is actually grumpy for a reason, maybe she been standing posing for pictures for too long or someone burnt her cheese sandwhich.

The main thing is, whilst looking very grumpy, she is also very sexy. This sexiness could be amplified if she just cracked a smile.

Here Kristen looks a little happier. A coy smile it just about creeping from the corner of her mouth. It's almost there...

There we go, you might not have realised but we actually Photoshopped a smile on to Kristen Stewart's face. She still doesn't seem to look happy thought. It's the sadness in the eyes.

And finally here is a video of Kristen making people laugh! And they're reporters too, they're the most cynical and bitter people imaginable. Well, except us. We're lovely.